The Sales and Marketing factory helps your company to increase the revenue generated by your sales and marketing resources. And we help reducing unnecessary costs that don't contribute to better results.


The Sales and Marketing Factory is born out of my belief that a lot of valuable time and money could be better spent by managers and employees working in sales and marketing departments. 


I help companies turning valuable sales assets into revenue. This can be achieved via a lead follow-up program, upselling and cross-selling campaigns, cold calling and other activities, which I set up and facilitate.


A proper lead generation program is key for keeping the sales pipeline full. I help marketing departments set up new programs and streamline existing lead generation processes. The focus is on optimising the collaboration between sales and marketing departments.


When companies invest in my services, my goal is to offer them output in the form of a well-thought-out action plan, project management or other activities that lead to improved sales & marketing KPIs.

The Sales and Marketing Factory is a one-man-initiative. To learn more about the person behind the factory, visit the About Bert page.